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Quick-Service Restaurants

Quantic POS for Quick Service Restaurants

QSR POS Software for quick & efficient management

A quick-service restaurant’s core function is to offer excellent assistance at a high speed. To stay aware of the speed and maintain the business easily, you would want the best QSR POS framework. The Quantic POS allows you to perform prompt billing, oversee recipes, make beneficial combos, inventory management, and minimize waste. Additionally, you can leverage the cloud-based arrangement and access real-time reports through a cell phone.

Benefits of using Quantic QSR POS software

It’s easier than ever before with Quantic POS for Quick Service Restaurants

  • Express Tablet Billing

  • Manage Online Orders
  • Recipe Management
  • Inventory and Waste management
  • Delight Your Customers
  • Manage Combos
  • Kitchen Display System
  • Multiple Payment Options

Scale your business

Printing Icon
Print Order Labels

Our label printing option ensures that you never give out the wrong order. Add your company logo to the labels to ensure a branded customer experience.

Operate Multiple Locations

Quantic allows multiple business locations to utilize a unified menu, item descriptions, and pricing to provide all your customers with the same experience, no matter where they order!

Delivery Radius
Manage Delivery Radius

Our robust Take Out and Delivery option allows you to manage your drivers and delivery radius. Your website will automatically communicate with customers if they are eligible for delivery!

Credit Card - Processing
Quick Transaction Processing

If a customer wants a fast transaction, our Quick Charge option allows you to process payments without creating a customer profile.

QR Code
Enable Scan & Pay

In observance of local guidelines, you can enable a Scan & Pay option, so customers can process their payments safely using just a QR code link!

Enable Text or Email Receipts

With digital (email and text) receipts, businesses can practice an eco-friendly and cost-effective approach to run a QSR store.

Why Choose Quantic QSR?

Quantic offers the best Quick Service Restaurants POS system that streamlines restaurant functioning and increases staff members’ productivity.

Quick Service POS is loaded with many useful features such as invoicing and transactions, sending orders directly to the kitchen, creating discounts for existing and new customers, controlling inventory, managing recipes, creating beneficial combo packs, and managing online orders from various online food aggregators in one place.

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